To go traveling, you do not have to be rich. In many countries, it is possible to live easily for less than 20 € per day. In 2014, we conducted a major survey of 195 people who went on a world tour or a long trip. They told us their average budget for each country they visited. The indicated daily cost includes accommodation, food, local transportation, activities and tours.

Here are the 10 cheapest destinations for which we had the average budget of at least ten people .


    We went to Guatemala during our world tour. It is one of the most varied countries in Central America. The small Spanish colonial cities are full of charm. You can relax on the shores of Lake Atitlán, trek on a volcano and see molten lava or discover the Mayan ruins of Tikal, lost in the middle of the jungle. The Pacific coast also offers excellent surf spots.

    € 17 per day

    The temples of Tikal in the middle of the jungleThe temples of Tikal in the middle of the jungle


    We also went to Guatemala during our world tour. François returned there in 2013. This small country in Central America is still spared by mass tourism and life is very cheap. We loved the small colonial towns of Granada and Leon with their colorful facades. The island of Ometepe on Lake Nicaragua, the largest in Central America, is unique with its two volcanoes. The Atlantic coast offers beautiful surf spots, while the Caribbean coast is distinguished by the unique culture of the descendants of pirates. The Corn Islands are a lost paradise in the Caribbean.

    € 17 per day

    Granada, on the shores of Lake NicaraguaGranada, on the shores of Lake Nicaragua


    Sylvain loved India so much that he has already been there three times. In this country, the change of scenery is guaranteed. The crowd, the smells, the noises, the heat: all the senses are put to use right out of the airport. Extraordinary temples and palaces stand side by side with crippled beggars, women in shimmering saris and sacred cows roaming nonchalantly while grazing garbage. It is often said that either we love India or we hate it. We love it!

    € 18 per day

    India, the land of sacred cowsIndia


    Laos is the cheapest country in Southeast Asia. The pace of life is particularly quiet. This country has no access to the sea and has kept its wild and welcoming side, far from the hectic life of major Asian cities. We appreciate the sweetness of life along the Mekong and the Nam River. Even the capital, Vientiane, remains on a human scale with only 800,000 inhabitants.

    € 19 per day

    The war memorial in the center of VientianeThe war memorial in the center of Vientiane5


    Cambodia is first and foremost known for the incredible temple complex of Angkor. The roots that intertwine in the ruins give them a unique atmosphere. But the charms of this country are not limited to Angkor. Take a bike ride in the middle of the rice fields and a real pleasure. It is impossible to talk about Cambodia without mentioning the darkest part of its history, the period of the Khmer Rouge, which remains engraved in the memory of the older generations.

    € 20 per day

    The monumental complex of Angkor in CambodiaThe monumental complex of Angkor in Cambodia

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