Packing Tips for Travel

Packing smart and light is quite necessary for a comfortable trip. Light baggage ensures hassle free travel. Here are some essential packing tips to enjoy your travel.

General Packing Tips

Regular use/handy items: Regular use or your personal handy items need to be taken instantly or detached from the luggage whenever required. So, have a checklist and start packing them after clothes and valuables. Include some useful items such as ear drops, eye masks, medicines, a small towel, and scissors (less than 6 inches).

A range of plastic bags and Ziplocs: A range of plastic bags and Ziploc covers are a great choice for separating wet/dirty clothes from clean clothes, keeping souvenirs, and taking things without requiring the backpack to be emptied.

Pouch for Personal Hygiene Products: Consider carrying tissue wraps, hand napkins, sanitizers, sprays and similar personal hygiene products in a separate pouch so that we can utilize them wherever required.

Fashion Accessories: Scarves and sarongs serve versatile purposes. Being lightweight and easy to fold, they can be used for wrapping to avoid downpour and protection against cold or sun apart from being a great fashion accessory.

Vacuum and space bags: It is not surprising that the entire packaging may be done just with vacuum bags, space bags, and plastic bags. Being airtight and waterproof, these bags provide great room for storage. They can fit in stuff three to four times greater than conventional bags. These sorts of bags are highly recommended for flight travels.

Laundry bags for liquids: Hotel laundry bags can be used for storing liquids. These mesh sacks are hygienic to use and are reusable and washable. Even they can carry easily disposable liquids without producing odor. Also being soundproof, these laundry bags will not produce whispering sound while searching objects in darkness.

Suitcase containing straps: Strapping clothes in a suitcase will make them tightly packed. The suitcase is also convenient for concealing personal notes, USBs, money, and the like. Suitcases with flexible handles and trolleys are lightweight and easy to carry.

Strings and elastic bands: Using some strings or bands for fastening small objects eliminates spills or fall.

Rucksacks: Rucksacks are the excellent choice for covering pillows, blankets, quilts and heavy clothes with a high degree of compactness and packing things in order. They are featured with compression straps, zipped pockets and the detachable harness belt. They are ideal for travelers, campers, and hikers.

Family packing tips

Often those travelling with kids tend to believe that they might require a whole range of products for their kids. But this is not true always. Try to carry only the essential items and leave the rest that can be bought outside. You can download apps for toddlers that do not require internet connection. This will keep them engaged en route without carrying a range of toys. When packing clothes, try to roll, and keep them; this will occupy less space compared to the conventional packing method.

Packing Tips for Women

When it comes to clothing for women, having a choice of common colors is great, as they can mix and match outfits. A set of lightweight tops and jeans is ideal for both indoor and outdoor. Bring a set of waist coats, long sleeves, and pants for formal wears. Avoid carrying hiking shoes, as they tend to be heavy. Instead, try a fashionable sneaker, which gives good comfort to your foot.

Baggage Allowance

The most important suggestion to flight passengers is reducing the weight of the luggage to meet the airline requirements. Otherwise, it may burn a hole in their pocket. Try to wash clothes on the road as you travel in order to reduce the weight of the luggage you carry. You may also take dual-purpose clothes along with you, which will bring your luggage size down.

Following these tips will help you in managing your travel in an efficient way. Enjoy your trip! Bon Voyage!

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