The spark that makes us say “What if I went around the world?” Can be born differently for everyone. Some have lived abroad with their parents or have had a lot of strolls during their childhood. They have the journey in the blood. Others, on the other hand, have not been lucky enough to have traveling parents and are eager to discover the world.

From an early age, thanks to cartoons like The Mysterious Cities of Gold, we were fascinated by distant civilizations. More recently, films such as Into the Wild or Carnets de Voyage make us dream of adventures. The programs J’irai dormir chez vous or Nus et culottés and the stories of adventurers like Mike Horn or Sylvain Tesson also nourish our appetite elsewhere. Finally, travel blogs are an excellent source of inspiration.

And then, sometimes, our first far-off journeys make us want to leave longer. Discussions with friends or travel meetings that have themselves made a long trip are often a trigger to embark on the adventure.

No, you do not have to travel like that!No, you do not have to travel like that!


We all have our own motivations that push us to take off. Here is a brief overview of the main reasons that make a trip around the world worthwhile.

To get out of your comfort zone

Get out of your comfort zoneGet out of your comfort zone

When you’re in stable work with friends and family you see regularly, you end up getting into some routine.

Traveling far and long, requires us to step out of our comfort zone. We are inevitably alone (s) at times, lost (s) in a very exotic place whose language or really culture is unknown. We lose our bearings. Actions as simple as finding one’s way, taking a bus, or buying food can sometimes be quite complicated.

To achieve this is a small success, a successful challenge that provides a certain pleasure to which one can even become a little addicted. Coming out of his comfort zone, we discover what we are capable of. We apprehend its limits and we often go beyond them.

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